Vehicle Modifications

Vehicles modifications for individuals with disabilities

Vehicle Modifications are modifications or alterations to an automobile or van that is the participant’s means of transportation in order to accommodate the special needs of the participant. Vehicle modifications are commonly not paid for by insurance, but may be provided through several waivers if the vehicle meets certain specifications.

Vehicle Modifications funded through the waiver are limited to the following:

vehicle modification car
  • Vehicular lifts
  • Portable ramps when the sole purpose of the ramp is for the participant to access the vehicle
  • Interior alterations to seats, head and leg rests and belts
  • Customized devices necessary for the participant to be transported safely in the community, including driver control devices
  • Modifications needed to accommodate a participant’s special sensitivity to sound, light or other environmental conditions
  • Raising the roof or lowering the floor to accommodate wheelchairs

In order to qualify for the modification, the vehicle must:

  • Be less than five years old
  • Have less than 50,000 miles (for vehicle modification requests over $3,000)

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