Attendant Care Waiver /Act 150 Program

Attendant Care Waiver/Act 150 Program

  • This program is intended for individuals with physical disabilities to help them live independently in their homes and in the community. In order to be eligible, an individual must:
  • Be a Pennsylvania resident
  • Be between eighteen (18) and fifty-nine (59) years of age
  • Have a medically determinable physical impairment that is expected to last of a continuous period of not less than twelve (12) calendar months or that may result in death
  • Meet the level of care needs for a Skilled Nursing Facility¬†
  • Be capable of a) hiring, firing, and supervising attendant care worker(s); b) managing their own financial affairs; and c) managing their own legal affairs
  • Financially qualify for Medicaid
  • Individuals who meet the level of care criteria, but fail to financially qualify for Medicaid may be offered services through the Act 150 Program- they may be required to pay a co-pay for their services

The following services may be available to participants in the Attendant Care/Act 150 Program:

disabled man and daughter